State of affairs for fostering green economy in agriculture and rural development: Comparative analysis of programs and measures in the Western Balkan Countries and Croatia


The overall objective of the project “Networking and Advocacy for Green Economy-NAGE” is to provide support to enhance the policy and decision-making impact of the Balkan Rural Development Network(BRDN) and its constituents, through involvement in the agricultural and rural program and policy reform processes for introduction of the green economy concept. The purpose of the document is analysis of the legal documents of non-EU member countries to the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), in particular:
-evaluation of the national programs and measures for agriculture and rural development in the WB countries and Croatia in terms of green economy concept;
-assessment and elaboration of relevant measures/incentives for supporting green economy practices in WB countries and Croatia to be combined with complementary measures (cross-cutting) from other sectors (environment and economy) for the purpose of fostering the concept of green economy in the WB countries.