Inside the Travelling Workshop “Partnerships for Sustainable Rural Development”

On the 18-19 of July 2019 Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) organized the Travelling Workshop “Partnerships for Sustainable Rural Development” in rural communities of Lezha, Shkodra and Malesi e Madhe. The unusual workshop brought together nearly 30 participants representing different rural development actors.

This activity integrated travelling with the workshop and aimed at bringing the participants closer and overcoming barriers among various actors of rural development through networking. The final goal of this activity is to build partnerships between civil society organizations with public institutions, and increase their involvement in decision-making processes for the well-being of rural residents in Albania.

The travelling workshop served to connect the world of rural communities’ residents to that of other rural development actors, contributors and decision-makers, influencing actors of rural policies and policymakers. The travelling enabled direct recognition of rural realities; it offered opportunities to meet new people, to get to know with their engagement in development of rural communities, their milestones so far and challenges as well.

This activity was organized in the frame of “Consolidating the role of Albanian Network for Rural Development toward a functional model of bottom-up and participatory perspective in national rural agenda” project, supported by the European Union and implemented by ANRD member organizations – Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM), Agrinet and AgroPuka.

To know more about our Travelling Workshop, please read the full report in English and Albanian.